Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kairos, anyone?

Next week is our fall reading week: no classes, no chapel, no advisee group, no nothin'. I'm flying to Charlotte on Monday afternoon and back to Pittsburgh from Jacksonville on Saturday afternoon. Woot.

I'm going to need the time to: see family, get out of Ambridge, study Greek, run on the beach in the Florida sun, read 4 books.

I received my new laptop last Friday. On Saturday the left speaker began omitting screeching static instead of any proper sound. Sunday night I spent an hour on the phone with India, troubleshooting--finally HP agreed to take it back and gimme a new one.

I also spent an hour on Sunday after service at a parish meeting where the rector explained the details of the recent court decision* on the diocese of Pittsburgh and fielded questions from the congregation. The bishop and standing committee will decide by Monday whether or not to appeal the decision. I would hazard to say the people at the meeting were about 80/20 in favor of appeal, but I have no idea how representative that is of the diocese at large. I commend all who might pray and lobby on this issue to the words of Fr. David Sandifer from when Calvary Anglican (Jacksonville, FL) lost their building: "I think it will be good for us." To everyone else: please pray! Pray that those making the decision will have the wisdom of much counsel and sensitivity to God's leadership.

This weekend I'm going to a prophetic conference at Shepherd's Heart, the charismatic-Anglican-homeless church in downtown Pittsburgh. It's been a while since I've been to anything really crazy (OneThing Montgomery was energetic, but not wacko. Not that all wacko stuff is bad...); I've got to walk that fine line of discernment and openness, I guess.

It's been a good week. Stress levels are down. Productivity up. Please pray against any Satanic attack against the peace I have right now, especially since I'm attending spiritually-charged meetings in a spiritually-charged part of town at a spiritually-charged moment of diocesan crisis this weekend. Hm. Kairos, anyone?

*The Pittsburgh Court of Common Pleas ruled in favor of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (over and against the EDoP [Anglican]), granting them legal rights to all diocesan assets. Millions in trust funds, property and buildings thus go to them.

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