Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brief Update

I haven't posted much these past two months, except to comment on some movies. There has been, I guess, the combination of much schoolwork and some emotional roller coasters that have made me reticent to set aside time to reflect on and share what is going on in my life.

I still have much to do--MUCH to do--between now and the end of the semester. I don't expect to write here again until after my assignments are turned in. December 18th I am flying to Jacksonville, where there will be an InterVarsity alum worship gathering (hooray) and family to see for the weekend before Christmas; I'll be there about four days. Then my mom, sister and I will drive to (just south of) Charlotte and spend Christmas there (another four days). Then the three of us are flying to Kansas City, MO for the OneThing Conference (another four days), and flying back on the--1st, I think. Then I will have another four days south of Charlotte, then fly back to Ambridge so I can take a January intensive on the New Testament from the 11th-15th.

So I'm basically gearing up for the busiest December of my life--wait, I'm already inundated by it.

Bonus: Yesterday I wrote an 850-word short essay that considered pentecostalism, women in ministry, international bible translation, the explosive growth of the church in the global south and the growing cracks in Western hegemony in order to postulate the shape of global Christianity in the next century. Woot.


Kate said...

I want to read those 850 words - what sort of an assignment could have prompted that melding of issues?

Mike Rad said...

The assignment was the last in a series of reflections for our weekly readings in church history. We read a book called "Turning Points" by evangelical historian Mark Noll, and in the last chapter he suggests several possible church history turning points for the latter half of the twentieth century. I shot for the moon in my reflection and attempted to bring together three of them. I can email you the file.