Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting to Know You

It's been three weeks since I had a day of work. So weird.

The job hunt is coming along, slowly. I didn't get the Starbucks job I interviewed for, but the youth ministry interview is tomorrow. The school's dean of students connected me to a job working with handicapped people; I've emailed the contact person and will be picking up application materials tomorrow before the interview.

I went to a large, established church in downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday called Church of the Ascension. I enjoyed the service and am attracted to their emphasis on prayer and spiritual growth. It's about a 40 min. drive, but worth it if it's the right place. I'll probably visit several more churches and take some time to pray before I settle on one congregation.

God provided through my friend Bo (we were acquainted briefly @ UNF) who is getting married to another seminarian in January and was looking to get rid of several books he and his fiancee would be have two copies of. I got 14 books, 7 of which I'll use this semester. He saved me $90 on the cost of the books for this semester alone, not to mention the 7 others I will potentially use in future classes.

People here have welcomed me with open arms and made this transition warm and pleasant. Shout outs: Mike & Stevie Glor have been great, opening their home (and their kitchen, praise God) and organizing events; Becky is fun and good company; Bo & Lilly are idiosyncratically chill; Tina is short, talkative and funny; and I can see Dudley and I having more than one long conversation.

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