Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Season, Week One

I will be updating this blog weekly.

Today is my fourth day living in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, about sixteen miles north of Pittsburgh. This morning I will rest from my (physical) labors and begin the concentrated hunt for a job.

Monday I spent driving (yes, the Sentra survived the beautiful yet harrowing Appalachians) and moving in. This included pushing my 150 lb + desk up a flight of stairs with my friend David. I had to brace my shoulders against the bottom and push up like a leg press while he pulled and kept it from catching on the stairs; at the top we had to take the door off its hinges to get it in. The last two days I spent cleaning and unpacking. The kitchen has been time consuming, as I cleaned every shelf and compartment in my refrigerator (by removing them and washing them in the sink) and then every dish I brought with me since they were wrapped in newspaper.

My apartment is above a hair salon in a two story brick building that might be eighty years old (the kitchen is at least fifty years old). It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms (I have my own), a kitchen / dining room, a living room, a long hallway and a back porch of sorts. My roommates won’t move in until later this month, but one of them is visiting in town this weekend with his family.

The school has a warehouse on site that functions like a free Goodwill for students (thank God). I now have three nice winter jackets (who knew they came so thick?), a living room chair, and two pizza baking trays (the bare necessities). There is also a couch in there but my body has been more physically exhausted than my brain has had willpower since move-in was finished. So it stays where it is for now.

I met some of my fellow seminarians last night at a dinner organized by someone from the school. Everyone seems real nice and has their own story. There are a lot of couples—mostly married, one engaged. Not to say there aren't singles. Everyone, though, is here to go to school and be part of God's mission; I think I’ll fit in well.

I have been getting up early—6:40 or earlier each day so far—and want to make it my habit. Time will tell of my success.

If you’re the praying type, please remember my job hunt as well as the next few weeks when I will be living alone and won’t have much community.


J.k said...

I definitely miss you Mikey...but knowing that you have the pizza racks gives me comfort and assurance that you're gonna be just fine :) I'll be praying for you bro, and I'll always be a phone call away.


Mike Rad said...

I appreciate your prayers and friendship, man. I'm gonna miss you too.